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Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. (OTC-Pink:PRLX), is an integrated digital healthcare company, focused on connected health technology-enabled, integrated care delivery products and services, on a proprietary platform, that allows for remote communication, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Parallax's novel applications patented interoperable point of care testing platforms, tests and devises, Augmented Reality driven data analytic information systems and a patent-pending patient monitoring platform is designed for the evolving needs of today's healthcare system stakeholders; patients, payers and providers.

Our company is focused on personalized patient healthcare through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Parallax Health Management, Parallax Behavioral Health and Parallax Diagnostics.

Historical Background

The Target System was developed and produced by the late Dr. James Parker.  In January 1982, James Parker founded V-Tech, Inc. a biomedical and plastics company, combining established immunodiagnostic technologies with innovative medical plastic products. Mr. Parker’s goal was to develop innovative diagnostic tests and testing systems. During his career, Mr. Parker has successfully patented over thirty biomedical related products.

Late in 1985, Mr. Parker expanded V-Tech’s capabilities by acquiring Organon Diagnostics 22,500 sq. ft. facility and technical scientific staff. Under Mr. Parker’s direction, the acquisition had an immediate impact on V-Tech’s pursuit of its major commitment to translate emerging research concepts into useful diagnostic and health care products.

V-Tech, Inc. introduced its first product on membrane, the Target HCG Test, in the third quarter of 1986. The commercial success of that first product utilizing membrane technology not only spawned a host of additional new tests introduced between 1988 and 1993 but has brought V-Tech, Inc. to the attention of companies such as Miles Laboratories, DuPont, for whom V-Tech successfully developed tests on membrane for agricultural diagnostics, Difco Laboratories, which joint-ventured the application of several analytes.

Historically, the Target System had been manufactured and marketed to Medical Distributors, Hospitals and various Government Agencies (D.O.D., D.O.J. and G.S.A.) from 1986 to 2001 by V-Tech, Inc., a Pomona, California based medical device and plastics manufacturing company. V-Tech was a family business that owned and operated two manufacturing and distribution facilities, 38,000 and 48,000 square feet in Pomona, California and City of Industry, California, respectively, between 1984 and 2001. All development and manufacturing together with F.D.A. compliance laboratory processes were conducted at these two F.D.A. certified facilities. 

The Target System inventor and company Founder, Dr. James Parker, died as the Company was just beginning to initiate significant sales. The Company was in disarray and lay dormant for a number of years under stewards with non-compatible backgrounds. Victor Parker, Esq., son of James Parker approached Edward W Withrow III, a financier, biomedical executive and entrepreneur and Dr. Jorn Gorlach, a successful scientist, entrepreneur and biomedical executive. By expanding the existing platform to a handheld, mobile technology and developing additional product segments, a new strategy for the reorganization of V-Tech into Montecito Bioscience, Ltd was born.



Parallax Health Sciences is led by a highly experienced Management team with a proven track record in the healthcare industry and is guided by an accomplished Board of Directors.

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