Our Story

Parallax Behavioral Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. (“PARALLAX”) and is part of an overall healthcare strategy of Parallax that includes Roxsan Pharmacy, Inc. a Beverly Hills, CA based Compound and Fertility Specialty Pharmacy licensed in 42 States in the continental US; Parallax Diagnostics, Inc. a Santa Monica, CA based point of care diagnostic business and Parallax Health Management, Inc., a technology systems integrations company and home health hub with a first of its kind patented technology to support remote patient monitoring, medication adherence and tele-medicine.


Our Vision

    "Empower every person in the world to achieve their best health"

Our Mission

    "Through our proprietary SMART technologies we provide a solution-focused platform that enables people to master their goals for optimum wellness"

Our Values

  • We respect the uniqueness of each organization, individual and their supportive relationships
  • We recognize behavior is complex and is influenced by many factors such as personal history, genetic endowment, beliefs, desires, knowledge and self awareness to name a few
  • We adhere to science based "best practice" approaches when developing products that promote and support BEHAVIOR CHANGE
  • We adhere to a code of ethics and recognize behavior change targets are limited to behaviors of social significance that will have a positive impact and improve the life quality of the individual

Executive Team





Donald Wachelka, M.A. BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and “start-up” entrepreneur with over 23 years experience building successful “behavior change” platforms utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Having founded several successful Behavioral Health companies in the USA and UK, Donald understands how to bridge the science of behavior and its practice to achieve meaningful and socially significant outcomes.  He has dedicated his entire career to improving the “life quality” of those he serves.

Today, Donald is also an active member of the ABA community and continues to provide clinical advisory through ABA Careers– sharing the knowledge he gained working with hundreds of families during his career to date, promoting best practice, and working alongside ABA consultants and tutors to ensure excellence in clinical service delivery.  


Mr. Bradley is the CTO and Chief Product Officer of both Montecito Bioscience and Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. (Ticker PRLX) He also currently serves as interim President of Remote Patient Care (RPM\C) a company he co-founded and sold to Parallax in 2016, now known as Parallax Health Management. He is also the Chief Scientist and product officer of PearTrack Security Systems, Inc. (Ticker PTSS) He is the CTO of Braven Technologies Inc. and founder of Bradley Brothers, LLC and investment firm. He is also the named inventor of several Internet technology patents and patents pending with United States Patent & Trademark Office. Over the past decade, Mr. Bradley has been involved in the expansion, reduction to practice, mass commercialization and enforcement of Internet patents related to the customization of Internet content to end users. 

Nathaniel Bradley is the named inventor of several phonetic and navigational patented inventions known as AudioEye. He is the inventor and founder, Edison Gold Award winner (Edison Universe) and former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovations Officer and Director of AudioEye, Inc. the leader in Internet Accessibility technology for individuals with disabilities. Recognized by the AFB and Ernst & Young’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year as Finalist in the Southwest Region. 

Mr. Bradley has been CTO for Marathon Patent Group Nasdaq; MARA.

He has also developed VoiceAmerica, Radio Pilot, World Talk Radio & BoomBox Radio. He has been involved in the acquisition and consolidation of Internet Radio operations. Mobile marketing company Augme Mobile in 2010. Bradley was also technical leader for the acquisition of Hipcricket for more than $44.5 million and Jag Tag, inc. for $5.3m in 2011. The patent portfolio developed by Nate and his team is among the most cited in the space and was acquired by Upland Software NASDAQ; UPLD which has achieved and market cap of over $350 million USD.