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Parallax Behavioral Health


Parallax Behavioral Health (PBH) is a Delaware corporation with its headquarters in Santa Monica, California providing consulting and software solutions to businesses and individuals to improve value, margin, and performance though enhanced outcomes and lower cost mastery.                                                                                   

With its patented Intrinsic Code, which encompasses predictive - progressive analytics and goal optimization software, PBH is strategically positioned to enable users from large healthcare corporations to individuals take control of their outcomes.

Health Organizations for the first time will have the opportunity to "scale" their patient adherence programs while having visibility into its effectiveness and bottom line impact. Individual users will have a goal wizard, virtual coach and rules engine that will help create a path toward wellness. With personalized analysis, decision support and "goal" mastery feedback, the individual will be primed, guided and motivated to adhere to their treatment plan.

With healthcare costs continuously on the rise, our Intrinsic Code is positioned to be the first of its kind in truly being an evidenced based, and cost effective approach in improving patient care. This is truly a game changer!