SMART Technologies (Systematic Measurement and Reliable Targets)

Parallax Behavioral Health owns proprietary software (SMART) that provides progressive-predictive analytics and goal optimization intelligence. Our software will assess, prioritize patient goals, provide interventions, track behavioral data and provide meaningful feedback toward goal obtainment. It provides real time decision support with robust progress reporting.

With Health Care costs continuously on the rise, our Intrinsic Code is positioned to be the first of its kind in truly being an evidenced based, and cost effective approach in improving patient care. This is truly a game changer!


Health Organizations for the first time will have the opportunity to “scale” their patient adherence programs while having visibility into its effectiveness and bottom line impact. 

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Individual users will have a goal wizard, virtual coach and rules engine that will help create a path toward wellness.  With personalized analysis, decision support and “goal” mastery feedback, the individual will be primed, guided and motivated to adhere to their treatment plan.


Our Vision

"Empower every person in the world to achieve their best health."


Our Mission

"Through our proprietary SMART technologies we provide a solution-focused platform that enables people to master their goals for optimum wellness."


Our Values

"We respect the uniqueness of each organization, individual and their supportive relationships."

"We recognize behavior is complex and is influenced by many factors such as personal history, genetic endowment, beliefs, desires, knowledge and self awareness to name a few."

"We adhere to science based "best practice" approaches when developing products that promote and support BEHAVIOR CHANGE."

"We adhere to a code of ethics and recognize behavior change targets are limited to behaviors of social significance that will have a positive impact and improve the life quality of the individual."